Community - the contribution we make to the communities in which we operate and our obligations to the broader society.

Giving something back

We are committed to playing an active role in the wider community through supporting local initiatives and making charitable donations. We believe this commitment leads to greater employee engagement and is also attractive to potential employees, suppliers and customers.

Our community programme is an important contributor in enabling the Group to attract and retain the best talent. Our enthusiastic and talented staff make a significant contribution – in money, time (through volunteering opportunities) and effort – to good causes, from charities to schools.

Our Community programme covers:

Charitable giving

£212,368.03 was donated by the Group during 2016 to selected charities. In addition, £14,688.30 was donated through the staff-matched fundraising scheme to causes supported by employees and their families.

The majority of our charity donations are made to employee related causes. This includes matching money raised by our employees through personal sponsored events, matched money raised by employees through fundraising activities at our premises, and donations in recognition of employees giving up their time to volunteer for a charity. No political or religious causes are supported, and preference is given to those charities operating close to our offices. If you are a UK Registered Charity and would like to find out if we can support your cause this year, please contact us.

Read more about our 'charity partners', Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and London's Air Ambulance.

Community sponsorship

The Group is committed to playing an active role in the wider community through supporting local initiatives. We have various sponsorship opportunities in place, which helps to generate awareness of our brands, and shows our commitment to the society in which we work.

View our Community Statement.

To find out more about what activities we are engaged in this year, please view what have we done this year?

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