Manage capital

Risk management is a key component of the Group's strategic agenda. The effective management of our risks and the efficient allocation of capital against them is critical in allowing us to achieve our strategic and operational objectives. This includes ensuring there are robust capital policies within the life companies.

We are well positioned to adapt to new requirements arising from Solvency II regulatory changes. Simplifying our capital structure brings greater flexibility and is a fundamental enabler of the strategic growth ambitions of the Group.

Drive value

At Phoenix we drive value in many ways. There are a number of management actions undertaken by the Group such as fund mergers and de-risking which can accelerate cash or increase value.

Management of costs is also an important aspect of our value creation. We seek to improve the efficiency of operational management through the standardisation and streamlining of key processes across the Group which will in turn reduce costs, improve performance and maximise value.

Improve customer outcomes

We have three key areas of focus in relation to our customers:

Value – we aim to manage customer outcomes to their maximum benefit

Service – customers want to be treated fairly, with empathy and respect in a timely fashion

Security – customers expect their investment to be secure in a well managed company


Engage people

Building its reputation as an employer of choice, the Group specifically targets, recruits and develops top quality people.

The Group invests in its people whose talent, enthusiasm and support makes its strategy and objectives achievable.

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