Nicholas Lyons is the Chairman of the Nomination Committee. The other members are Alastair Barbour, Kory Sorenson and Nicholas Shott. The composition of the Nomination Committee is in accordance with the requirement of the Code that a majority of its members should be independent Non-Executive Directors. The Nomination Committee is responsible for considering the size, composition and balance of the Board, the retirement and appointment of Directors; succession planning for the Board and senior management and making recommendations to the Board on these matters. The Nomination Committee met six times in 2017.

The standard process used by the Committee for Board appointments involves the use of an external search consultancy to source candidates external to Phoenix (and may in the case of executive appointments also consider internal candidates). Detailed assessments of short-listed candidates are undertaken by the search consultancy, followed by interviews with Committee members and other Directors and the sourcing of references before the Committee recommends the appointments to the Board.

Nomination Committee Terms of Reference

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